Sunday, May 24, 2009


Does the brain percieve light and darkness, or does it create them both?

Likewise, do our percieve percieve heaven or hell, or does it create them for ourselves?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Genetika: Immor(t)ality

The mega-corporation Genetika is the de facto ruler of the New Society. Their control is based upon an extremely long-lived, forever youthful elite who hold a monopoly on all pharmeuciticals, medical supplies, chemicals, prosthetics and medical equipments. This in turn leads to unwavering power and influence over the military and the dependence of the people. What were the origins of this beastly governing body?

Genetika has existed long since up to the time of the founding of the Old Society. The original members of Genetika were pre-industrial scholars, magicians and alchemists all bent on the attainment of godhood through knowledge gained by discovering immortality. As science began to steadily advance with the discovery of microorganisms and cells, the cabal of Genetika began to increase with modern scientists who weren't interested in the superstitions of godhood and immortality. Members of Genetika began to adopt more secular beliefs that mankind was not a unique creature among the animals, but was an animal himself, and that the ambiguities of what man called morals and laws were constructs of the mind, in order to keep man's own savage nature in check.
However, late into the beginnings of the establishment of what would be called the Old Society, Genetika's interest in immortality was resparked with the advent of the discovery of its namesake: genetics. Genes was the language which dictated the continuum of life itself. Genetika had discovered their holy grail, what they considered the very Words of God himself. They begun to start to believe that due to man's advanced evolutionary state, man was on the cusp of a grand transformation that would thrust him from out of beastilism and into a state of divinity, and the key to this transformation was in the genes.

Numerous attempts of creating a "super-man" ended in failure and even ignited several holy wars in order to create a god man. Before genetic therapy and cybernetics, Genetika used various other methods such as the application of eugenics in order to create favorable genetic traits within an individual. Such breeding projects took entire generations and did not succeed in creating stock that was suitable for god-men (the descendants of these "stock" that were bred were eventually used as soldiers in the New Society). The issue was not the superiority nor the purity of the subjects' genes, since no amount of pharmeucital therapies one takes, immortality was impossible to achieve. Godhood however...

As developments in cybernetics became excessive complex, they were used to augment the effectivity of soldiers of the last holy war before the collapse of the Old Society. Robotics and artificial intelligence never took off due to the limitations in computers to reach such a complexity as that of a human mind. In order to create a perfect mind, one must build it from the ground up with the necessary genes to develop the brain that would house such a mind. But in order to create a perfect body one must turn to cybernetics.

As for immortality, a suitable substitute was found in the stead of medicine and pharmeuciticals. If the Mnemometer could digitize memory and store it as information, who could stop someone from digitizing human consciousness?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jack Silico

Main Protagonist of Anti-Logic.

Lineart by Jong, Colors by Airlight.

The Old Society: Golden Age

The Old Society was characterized by a series of religious and ideological wars; and a Golden Age that followed after a technological revolution and a moral renaissance.

In the Golden Age, crime was nearly nonexistent. Men paraded the streets, proud of the all time high of their own righteous civilization, however blind to any faults that their grand civilization had. People then lived longer, no longer plagued by disease nor old age. However, seeds of decay slowly germinated.

Genetika, a mega-corporation, was the leader of the prosperity and joy of the Golden Age, developing treatments and cures based upon the efforts of the bright minds of the Old Society. However, treatments began to become more cosmetic. This culture based upon their own pride of their longevity and materialism in technological goods soon began to define what deemed a necessity out of their desires.

This was the beginning of singularity. The melding of humanity with machinery, a process that was solely driven by the advent of the invention of the Mneumometer, a machine that could digitize memories as information. Morality declined in subtle ways, which have been molded by the unintentional hand of Cherub, the very organization that sought to defeat immorality, for the allowance of the very existence of Cherub had compromised the glue that held civilizations together: the law (Cherub is a private, vigilante force).

Cybernetic implants were introduced to the regiment for soldiers in the 13th and final holy war, until all out genetic therapy was implemented. Genetika became a luxury rather than a commodity. Classism ensued. Those who couldn't afford treatments were forced under the artificial tectonic layers that made up the grand cities of the Old Society.

It wasn't before long, that by the time Genetika had discovered how to make a man immortality, the Old Society abruptly collapsed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Absolutists

inspired by: Freudian's Psychoanalysis Circle, Formative Years of the CIA, Black Panthers
"Without the foundations of morality, civilization will crumble to collapse..."

The Absolutists consider themselves the vanguards of their society. They firmly believe that the desecration of certain institutions: life, marriage, sexuality, ect (Anti-Logic will NOT be getting into the subject of homosexuality, but sexual promiscuity)... would eventually lead to the collapse of civilization. They are primarily an intellectual group comprised of historians, lawyers, and psychologists; their primarily supported by older generations and those with military backgrounds. They are perceived by their opposition as ignorant, static, resistant to change and development.

Their primary motivation however was to eliminate underground crime rings of their society which was responsible for most of the growing numbers violent murders. These crime rings comprised of gangs feircely loyal to one another, making it impossible to find out persons behind the operations. After the mneumometer, a machine that could digitize memories stored in the brain as information and even as digital images, was created, Absolutists began to crack down on gangsters by accessing their secrets with this machine. There was much protest against using this machine against the will of gangsters, and when the crime syndicate begun to reveal evidence that members of the government were profiting from the syndicate's illegal activities, the machine was immediately banned.

In their indignation, the Absolutists has gathered a small army of former soldiers and begun kidnapping gangsters and purging and lynching suspected collaborators within the government. Not long after, the Absolutists and their vigilante men were culturally ordained as government supported, intelluctualized gunmen as an enforcement and investigative force known as Cherub, named after the angel who guarded the Tree of Life from any man who would take of its fruit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Schools of Thought

Before the Titanomachy, there was the Old Society. Death and crime were rampant in the Old Society.
In the Old Society, there existed two social movements: Civil Reclamation and a religious institution known as Genetika.

Technological development had reached a threshold; singularity. Wary of the nonstop technological advancements, the Absolutists reignited a passion in mankind to rediscover the boundaries of his own humanity.
Intensive study of the human mind eventually led to the invention of a machine that could digitize memories as information. Using this as a chance to overcome the crime that has crippled their civilization, the Absolutists begun to expunge the memories of those suspected of crimes to prove or disprove their innocence.
Against protests of the implications that this machine could have against natural rights, the Absolutists continued their Civil Reclamation, eventually broadening their jurisdiction into outright vigilantism, taking on the criminals through the hands of willing collaborators known as "Cherub".

Alongside technology, significant advances of medicine had begun to alleviate the problems of disease and aging.
As medicine progressed, the more followers, the cult, Genetika garnered. Genetika sought immortality, they looked towards genetics as the key to achieving that goal.
To Genetika, humans are animals on the threshold of godhood. Abstract concepts such as morality and emotions such as love could not be understood nor should be regarded by mere finite beings, and thus could only truely be comprehended from the perspective of infinity, and the secret of immortality lies within the chromosome, their idea of the soul manifested.

So began a Golden Age in the Old Society. Crime-free, and Death-tranquilized.