Friday, May 15, 2009

The Absolutists

inspired by: Freudian's Psychoanalysis Circle, Formative Years of the CIA, Black Panthers
"Without the foundations of morality, civilization will crumble to collapse..."

The Absolutists consider themselves the vanguards of their society. They firmly believe that the desecration of certain institutions: life, marriage, sexuality, ect (Anti-Logic will NOT be getting into the subject of homosexuality, but sexual promiscuity)... would eventually lead to the collapse of civilization. They are primarily an intellectual group comprised of historians, lawyers, and psychologists; their primarily supported by older generations and those with military backgrounds. They are perceived by their opposition as ignorant, static, resistant to change and development.

Their primary motivation however was to eliminate underground crime rings of their society which was responsible for most of the growing numbers violent murders. These crime rings comprised of gangs feircely loyal to one another, making it impossible to find out persons behind the operations. After the mneumometer, a machine that could digitize memories stored in the brain as information and even as digital images, was created, Absolutists began to crack down on gangsters by accessing their secrets with this machine. There was much protest against using this machine against the will of gangsters, and when the crime syndicate begun to reveal evidence that members of the government were profiting from the syndicate's illegal activities, the machine was immediately banned.

In their indignation, the Absolutists has gathered a small army of former soldiers and begun kidnapping gangsters and purging and lynching suspected collaborators within the government. Not long after, the Absolutists and their vigilante men were culturally ordained as government supported, intelluctualized gunmen as an enforcement and investigative force known as Cherub, named after the angel who guarded the Tree of Life from any man who would take of its fruit.

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