Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Genetika: Immor(t)ality

The mega-corporation Genetika is the de facto ruler of the New Society. Their control is based upon an extremely long-lived, forever youthful elite who hold a monopoly on all pharmeuciticals, medical supplies, chemicals, prosthetics and medical equipments. This in turn leads to unwavering power and influence over the military and the dependence of the people. What were the origins of this beastly governing body?

Genetika has existed long since up to the time of the founding of the Old Society. The original members of Genetika were pre-industrial scholars, magicians and alchemists all bent on the attainment of godhood through knowledge gained by discovering immortality. As science began to steadily advance with the discovery of microorganisms and cells, the cabal of Genetika began to increase with modern scientists who weren't interested in the superstitions of godhood and immortality. Members of Genetika began to adopt more secular beliefs that mankind was not a unique creature among the animals, but was an animal himself, and that the ambiguities of what man called morals and laws were constructs of the mind, in order to keep man's own savage nature in check.
However, late into the beginnings of the establishment of what would be called the Old Society, Genetika's interest in immortality was resparked with the advent of the discovery of its namesake: genetics. Genes was the language which dictated the continuum of life itself. Genetika had discovered their holy grail, what they considered the very Words of God himself. They begun to start to believe that due to man's advanced evolutionary state, man was on the cusp of a grand transformation that would thrust him from out of beastilism and into a state of divinity, and the key to this transformation was in the genes.

Numerous attempts of creating a "super-man" ended in failure and even ignited several holy wars in order to create a god man. Before genetic therapy and cybernetics, Genetika used various other methods such as the application of eugenics in order to create favorable genetic traits within an individual. Such breeding projects took entire generations and did not succeed in creating stock that was suitable for god-men (the descendants of these "stock" that were bred were eventually used as soldiers in the New Society). The issue was not the superiority nor the purity of the subjects' genes, since no amount of pharmeucital therapies one takes, immortality was impossible to achieve. Godhood however...

As developments in cybernetics became excessive complex, they were used to augment the effectivity of soldiers of the last holy war before the collapse of the Old Society. Robotics and artificial intelligence never took off due to the limitations in computers to reach such a complexity as that of a human mind. In order to create a perfect mind, one must build it from the ground up with the necessary genes to develop the brain that would house such a mind. But in order to create a perfect body one must turn to cybernetics.

As for immortality, a suitable substitute was found in the stead of medicine and pharmeuciticals. If the Mnemometer could digitize memory and store it as information, who could stop someone from digitizing human consciousness?

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