Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two Schools of Thought

Before the Titanomachy, there was the Old Society. Death and crime were rampant in the Old Society.
In the Old Society, there existed two social movements: Civil Reclamation and a religious institution known as Genetika.

Technological development had reached a threshold; singularity. Wary of the nonstop technological advancements, the Absolutists reignited a passion in mankind to rediscover the boundaries of his own humanity.
Intensive study of the human mind eventually led to the invention of a machine that could digitize memories as information. Using this as a chance to overcome the crime that has crippled their civilization, the Absolutists begun to expunge the memories of those suspected of crimes to prove or disprove their innocence.
Against protests of the implications that this machine could have against natural rights, the Absolutists continued their Civil Reclamation, eventually broadening their jurisdiction into outright vigilantism, taking on the criminals through the hands of willing collaborators known as "Cherub".

Alongside technology, significant advances of medicine had begun to alleviate the problems of disease and aging.
As medicine progressed, the more followers, the cult, Genetika garnered. Genetika sought immortality, they looked towards genetics as the key to achieving that goal.
To Genetika, humans are animals on the threshold of godhood. Abstract concepts such as morality and emotions such as love could not be understood nor should be regarded by mere finite beings, and thus could only truely be comprehended from the perspective of infinity, and the secret of immortality lies within the chromosome, their idea of the soul manifested.

So began a Golden Age in the Old Society. Crime-free, and Death-tranquilized.

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