Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Old Society: Golden Age

The Old Society was characterized by a series of religious and ideological wars; and a Golden Age that followed after a technological revolution and a moral renaissance.

In the Golden Age, crime was nearly nonexistent. Men paraded the streets, proud of the all time high of their own righteous civilization, however blind to any faults that their grand civilization had. People then lived longer, no longer plagued by disease nor old age. However, seeds of decay slowly germinated.

Genetika, a mega-corporation, was the leader of the prosperity and joy of the Golden Age, developing treatments and cures based upon the efforts of the bright minds of the Old Society. However, treatments began to become more cosmetic. This culture based upon their own pride of their longevity and materialism in technological goods soon began to define what deemed a necessity out of their desires.

This was the beginning of singularity. The melding of humanity with machinery, a process that was solely driven by the advent of the invention of the Mneumometer, a machine that could digitize memories as information. Morality declined in subtle ways, which have been molded by the unintentional hand of Cherub, the very organization that sought to defeat immorality, for the allowance of the very existence of Cherub had compromised the glue that held civilizations together: the law (Cherub is a private, vigilante force).

Cybernetic implants were introduced to the regiment for soldiers in the 13th and final holy war, until all out genetic therapy was implemented. Genetika became a luxury rather than a commodity. Classism ensued. Those who couldn't afford treatments were forced under the artificial tectonic layers that made up the grand cities of the Old Society.

It wasn't before long, that by the time Genetika had discovered how to make a man immortality, the Old Society abruptly collapsed.

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